We are Uphill Prints and offer print to order posters. The idea: a combination of sport and design. To hang a printed souvenir on the wall of your favorite run, marathon or most difficult pass.

With your recorded activities on Strava, you can design your very own personal poster.

  • My name is Anne. I like good and simple design, photography and oat cappuccino. I like to ride around on our cargo bike, jump into the Aare (our local river) or spend time with my little family. At Uphill Prints I am responsible for all visual and marketing. Do you have a question? I look forward to your mail .

  • My name is Lukas. I love understanding and visualizing data. At Uphill Prints I am responsible for everything technical. When I'm not at the computer, I like to spend time on my bike, running through the woods or out with my family. If you would like more options for the poster configuration or if something doesn't work: please let me know here

  • Do something beautiful with your data

    Anyone can and does collect data. Every day. We want to work with you to transform your data into a work of art so you can proudly frame and display it.

  • Why uphill prints

    We founded Uphill Prints to create something unique from our own data.

  • Our wish

    Your small and large sporting successes should not only live digitally in an app, but should find a place above the sofa or at work. Print is back!

Print to order

Once you have finished designing your poster, it will be printed near you. In this way we avoid long transport routes and your poster will be with you faster.