Turn your activities into unique posters

With Uphill Prints you can transform your Strava data into artistic posters. Connect your Strava account to Uphill Prints and let your athletic achievements be presented in an impressive way. All with just a few clicks.

  • 1. do sports

    Do sports, ride a bike, jog, ... it doesn't matter, the main thing is to move and store the data on Strava.

  • 2. Design posters

    Choose a poster, connect your account and choose the right activities.

  • 3. Hang poster

    Your poster will be printed near you and delivered directly to your home.

X-Bionix x Uphill Prints Collab

Our first poster collaboration! Take part in the X-Bionic CoreFusion Strava Challenge, ride 237 km in maximum 2 weeks and win this poster.

Expression of your passion.
  • Print to order

    Your poster will be printed according to your wishes

  • Customizable themes

    Available in three sizes, 20 colors and six frame options

  • Premium paper

    Printed on premium quality, durable matte paper (200gsm).

  • Secure payment

    With credit card, Paypal, Apple and Google Pay

Your efforts have paid off!

Uphill Prints combines our passion for sports and aesthetic design.


  • jan

    Marathon runners from Laax

  • carol

    Biathlon from Bern

  • Lisa

    Cyclist from Lucerne